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Your Comprehensive Guide to Wyoming Public Records

Wyoming Public Records

Public records in Wyoming are defined as documents, books, papers, photos, and other data produced or acquired in public business by any government agency in Wyoming. These records are managed under the Wyoming Public Records Act, ensuring government transparency and accountability. The Act stipulates the conditions under which the public can access public records. For detailed information about the Public Records Act in Wyoming, please refer to the Wyoming State Legislature website.

Are Wyoming Records Public?

Yes, in Wyoming, most state records are considered public and can be accessed by any member of the public. This accessibility is by the Wyoming Public Records Act, which promotes transparency and open government. However, there are exceptions for certain sensitive or confidential information, such as personal data, which is protected under privacy laws.

What do Wyoming Public Records Include?

Public records in Wyoming include a wide range of documents and data. These typically encompass:

  • Court records, including civil and criminal case files.
  • Vital records include birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates.
  • Property records, including deeds, mortgages, and land records.
  • Government contracts and procurement data.
  • Financial records, including state budget and expenditure reports.
  • Meeting minutes and agendas from state government meetings.
  • Correspondence related to official government business.

It is important to note that some records may be exempt from public access under specific legal provisions.

How to Find Public Records in Wyoming

To locate public records in Wyoming, follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Identify the Type of Record: Determine the specific type of record you need, such as court, property, or vital records.
  • Visit the Relevant Government Agency Website: A specific state agency typically manages each record type. For example, for vital records, visit the Wyoming Department of Health.
  • Request Access: Submit a formal request for the records. This might be through an online form, email, or a written request.
  • Pay Any Required Fees: Some records may require a fee for processing or copying.
  • Review the Records: Review the records provided once your request is processed. You may need to contact the agency for further assistance if the information needs to be completed.

Lookup Public Records in Wyoming

The following are the primary departments and resources for accessing public records in Wyoming:

  • Wyoming Secretary of State: Handles business and corporation records. Visit Wyoming Secretary of State.
  • Wyoming Department of Health: Responsible for vital records. Access their website at the Wyoming Department of Health.
  • Wyoming Judiciary: Provides access to court records. More information can be found at Wyoming Courts.
  • Wyoming Department of Revenue: Manages financial and tax-related public records. Visit their site at the Wyoming Department of Revenue.
  • Wyoming State Archives: Archives of historical public records. Check out Wyoming State Archives.
  • Wyoming Department of Administration & Information: Provides access to various state administrative records. Their website is Wyoming A&I.
  • Wyoming County Websites: Each county in Wyoming may have its records accessible through their respective websites.

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